Too many meetings and thus I have a cold

Whoops. I seem to have over-scheduled myself, and my body is staging a revolt as a result. Yesterday I signed myself up for 3 meetings, plus a parent orientation at my daughter’s preschool. Two of these were with librarians at my local college library, and one was with a part-time lecturer and academic who teaches at the college here. By “the college,” I mean Professor Spouse’s new college, where we happen to live on campus, in faculty housing.

(It’s pretty funny to write about post-ac career paths when I can see the campus library and the student center from out my window, in an odd quirk of where this section of faculty housing happens to be located. These two buildings are on the edge of the central part of campus, and faculty housing is behind that edge. Our road home is the same bumpy, pot-hole-filled access road that Aramark uses to deliver food to the dining hall, for example. Oh, the irony!)

I mean to blog about these meetings, which were in effect informational interviews. All told, I had six such conversations scheduled for this week, but now I have a cold and have cancelled on the last of them.  Because really, I can’t possibly expect to convey a professional impression while sneezing and pulling out kleenexes every few minutes, can I. Nope. I’ll get back to writing up what I’ve learned from these conversations, but I think right now I’ve learned something else:

SLOW DOWN!  Take a breather and stop worrying and thinking so much about what’s going to happen next.  Too many events in one week may result in literally not feeling so well. Here’s to a more restful than reflective weekend.


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