Shifting focus

The past few weeks have been busy ones, and weeks of change as well. I spent a week, effectively, preparing for the annual meeting of the digital library I direct, flying to those meetings, having about 5 meetings in the course of 24 hours, and flying home. This was almost two weeks ago! I’ve been anxiously awaiting progress on the theming of our new website, which is taking many weeks longer than anticipated, and has yet to look quite how I assumed it would. I don’t know if I’ve run into communication difficulties, or if the scope of the project is simply larger than the design firm imagined, but suffice to say, I’d thought we’d be in a beta release by now, and we’re not.

My volunteer work with the library across the street continues to be enjoyable, if somewhat tedious. Examining roughly 20,000 books to decide what to keep or reject is no easy task! I enjoy my time in the stacks the most, looking at what’s been in recent circulation, what was popular in the 1970s, and what’s somewhere in-between. The actual process of removing them from the catalog is the tedious part, as it feels more like data entry at that point. I’ve definitely been enjoying the work, though, and it’s great to be gaining a new skill set.

The real shift, though is the pregnancy. My second baby is due in less than two months, and over the course of this past month, as I’ve started the third trimester, I’ve definitely felt my focus shifting from job searching, networking, and other related activities to baby prep. Unlike my previous post where I bemoaned the, shall we say, change in lifestyle that will come with taking care of a newborn, I’m finding myself excited to meet this little one, and a little relieved that my lack of a full-time job means more flexibility at this time of change. I’ve been getting the nursery set up, doing a fair bit of sewing, and thinking in terms of the projects that need wrapping up before the little one arrives.

I expect this is what they call the nesting instinct: getting everything set up for the new addition. It feels a bit manic at times, as if I have to have everything. ready. now!  for the new baby, even though chances are I still have about 6 weeks left! For someone who’s usually pretty focused on both her kid and her work life, though, the sudden urgency with which I’m tackling things like sorting through baby clothes and, yes, labeling locations of onesies in the drawers, is kind of alarming!

I don’t know what this will mean for the blog. Ultimately, I intend to keep chronicling my post-graduate, alternative-academic journey, but I expect there will be more shifts of focus over the next few months. One project I do want to do, though, is finish up a couple of alt-ac-related posts that have been on the back-burner, so you can expect to see those coming up over the next couple of weeks.


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