On trying not to write a ranty post about gender

I want to write an emotional, angry post or two about job searches and gender, or the post-ac/alt-ac life and gender. I’d love to do it with flair and style, have it go viral, and help other young women (or men, but I’d be writing this very much as a woman) not make the same mistakes or choices I made. I have more than a few words rattling around in my head about “how (not) to have a successful dual-career academic life.”

I have drafts of posts like this sitting in MS Word, sitting in WordPress, waiting. I’d love to give the posts the force of a real name, not a pseudonym, to see them on the Chronicle of Higher Education or Inside Higher Ed (though I fear what the the Comments section would do to me). I admire Rebecca Schuman’s no-holds-bars, not-pseudonymous, in-your-face writing style, but I don’t think I want that level of real-name risk, not at all, not now, at least!  I want to see gender (or is it parenting? Or is it mothering? Or is it dual-career spouse-ing) added to the conversation about post-ac and alt-ac in a big big way.

I’ve thought about doing some of this book-review style, where I survey some of the relevant literature about job-changing, the adjunct “crisis,” and work/life “balance” and look at it from my own particularly jaundiced lens.  And maybe I will do this, but I’m thinking that this is an anonymous blog for a reason, and if I can’t get a draft, a first attempt, out there, then nothing else productive might ever come of it. I don’t know when I might actually put up this post, but if I’m blogging about life in the trenches of academia and post-academia, I might as well let some of it out of the gates. If you’re interested in the roles that gender, mothering and parenting, and being part of a dual-career couple intersect with the job search, then keep your eyes peeled; I’m sure there is more to come. I’m just not so sure I want to hit “post,” even if I expect I’ll do so eventually. 


5 thoughts on “On trying not to write a ranty post about gender

  1. I would love to read those posts when you publish them. My struggle is that I had to choose motherhood over an academic job search after my PhD, but I didn’t want to choose just motherhood. It’s hard to balance my priorities and choose a new job path. I work evenings in the library, which means I’m essentially a stay at home mom during the day. There’s so much pressure to be a perfect mom all morning followed by 8 hours of work in the evenings. I’ve finally given up on all the story times and art classes for kids in the morning, I just need the sleep so much. I tend to forget that I work full time, and that my daughter will be just fine without that music class.

  2. That’s great that you get to sleep in in the mornings! I usually have to get up w/ the family, so at least I live close to work, and can make up some of it by going to sleep earlier on nights I don’t work. I can’t wait for the baby to get older and start sleeping better, though! 😉

    • I close the library at 11:00 pm five nights a week, and my toddler usually wakes up at 7:00 am. If I want to take her out in the morning I have to motivate myself to shower before she wakes up. Doesn’t happen often!

      Are you thinking about getting an MLS degree? That’s something I’d be interested in hearing about. I get the sense that I will never be promoted at all without one, but I’m afraid to commit to another degree. I’m sure you are in the same boat.

  3. I think that society doesn’t respect women, period. I’m terrified of starting the job search just because of that and the fact that I’m not blonde and I certainly do not weigh 100 pounds, so yeah, I can’t wait for those posts! The WWW needs that desperately. Tx!

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