1. It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything, or written, so rather than expecting something brilliant, I’m at least putting my fingers on the keyboard, and offering what I think I’ve seen called a “post by numbers,” but I think I might be making that up.

2. My life is very busy right now, with both kids working on therapy of one sort or another (PT for the infant, speech for her sister) and my own work with my career coach, not to mention two part-time jobs.

3. It’s been a few days since I’ve exercised. Probably since last Thursday. (See #2 about being busy). The rain we’ve been having since Sunday hasn’t really helped with that. In desperation, I took the baby out for a stroller walk when Accuweather said “rain will end in 7 minutes,” and we were lucky for the first 18 minutes, when it started to sprinkle again (despite Accuweather’s claim it would hold off).

4. I submitted something entirely non-academic to be published somewhere both non-academic, and relatively prominent. I haven’t heard back. I’ve never done this before.

5. I had a stomach virus for much of the previous week, or maybe it was just psychosomatic. It made me lie down on the couch for several evenings in a row after the kids were in bed. My husband thought it was psychosomatic. After all, I was bringing up all sorts of childhood hopes and dreams as part of working on a “mission statement” with my coach, and Professor Spouse knows well how my stomach can sometimes act up from emotional activity.  However, this week our baby seems to have a stomach virus as well, so now my guess is that my own ailment was actually an ailment, and not just a creation of my mind. This has me somewhat relieved.

6. I had two phone interviews recently. Neither one sounded very exciting once I was on the phone and talking to some of the people involved in the hiring. For this reason, it has actually been a relief that I didn’t receive a call-back for either one. As we talked, I could feel my excitement draining away, and couldn’t quite keep up the pretense of being more excited. (It didn’t help that the Early Intervention people — 5 of them! — were in my living room, seeing if my baby qualifies for the program due to her prematurity. Professor Spouse was with them, of course, but instead of having a longer time to psych myself up, prep, get ready, etc. for the one phone interview, I dashed upstairs just a few minutes beforehand and really wasn’t as well-focused as I would have been otherwise.) The only reason I might feel a bit sad at these interviews not progressing is that means I’m still working at night. I’d been hoping I might have a different job by the end of the semester, so that I don’t have to do the 2AM finals shifts again, but that’s looking less and less likely.

7. I am giving a workshop in a week and a half about alt-ac job searching to a group of graduate students and recent grads, many of whom were my peers and cohorts at a conference a few years ago, when I was one of the ones further along in my program (and therefore seemed to have my act together). I’m a little nervous about appearing in public as an alt-ac, much less one who offers advice, especially when I’m still searching for the right post-ac “fit.” I know, it’s ok to say I’m still in transition, but it sure would be easier if I could say, “I have this awesome job now, and here’s how you can too!”

8. I’ll end this on a happier note. Fall has finally been in full swing here. The maples are turning. I love maples. I love how light filters through their leaves. Maybe they become more transparent as they change color.  We’re baking pumpkin bread, going apple-picking, and we’ve had a couple of fires in our fireplace (a benefit of an older home). I can wear boots and scarves again, and that is always fun!

9. With luck, I will come up with a more unified post in the near future, but for now, I hope you all are doing well.


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