Four years ago I received my humanities PhD, and now that I’ve realized that a tenure-track future is not in store for me, I’m navigating the post-academic and alt-academic job search process and trying to live a more balanced life.
With me on the journey are my husband (happy, if busy, on the tenure track), a preschooler and an infant, both daughters. Most of my alt-ac work has been in libraries, both digital and academic, but here I write primarily about pursuing an alt-ac life, work-life balance, the challenges of being a working mom in search of more employment, and other topics yet-to-be-determined.

I blog and tweet with the pseudonym “Lazuli;” you can find me at Twitter @altacbooks. Why Lazuli? Blue is far and away my favorite color, always has been, always will be, and I enjoy the color’s historic connotations of Renaissance religious paintings, as well.


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